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Just not feeling it Are you just not going hard how you want? Now I mean in the gym Are you going to the gym and wondering why are you not doing how you want to? I will hep you. Its because your motivation is going down maybe you have another preferences. You must stick your goals and go for them. The most important thing is to stick one big goal which is long way away but it is very important to you. And then you must stick small goals to get to the big goal. Its simple. But in the same way its so hard, I know. But if is something really important to you, you will stick to it. Change things up!   Thats so important I know you are over your workouts, maybe you don't realize it. But try to change things up, you will be more happy trust me. Do more reps, push harder, do the one exercise that you hate or you always wanted to try, you will see the progress over the time and thats the best thing about it. Maybe you are doing something you really like but it will not work for
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WHAT HAS CHANGED FROM MY BIKINI COMPETITION? Hi guys! From my competition has changed so many things! I competed in bikini fitness 4 months ago. From that time I started a reverse diet and now I am carb cycling and in 3 weeks I am officially starting my offseason! Through the 4 months, I traveled whole month through France and 19 of August I moved for the next 10 months to the USA and I changed 1 family... let me say it was very crazy.  But I already started focusing on me and my training, and I am thinking about my new competitions, but I have so much work till that time, I missed you so many guys but I was very busy, I will be better now, I promise. Today I looked on my competition photos and I saw a lot of things to improve, it was my first competition and I know I will beat this girl very soon! Definitellý stay tuned for that and here are some photos from my show. Front  I competed at the age 16, I love this sport, I gave it all I had and I am proud of myself, th
PHOTOSHOOT Hi guys, sorry for not posting so much now, but my prep is getting harder and harder, we have 4 weeks to go to my first competition, wish me luck. But I want to share with you some news. Last friday we were shooting with my friend for our new page, which will be soon released, I will share with you more information for the next few days, I promise. Anyways, he is our main athlete, so we were shooting him. Here is a little bit of our sneak peak, you will be excited. Ahojky moji čtenáři, omlouvám se, že ted moc nepíšu, ale moje příprava na závody je čím dál tím těžší, zbývá 4 týdny do prvních závodu. Držte mi palečky ať to všechno zvládnu. Ale i přes to se s vámi chci podělit o jednu novinku. Za pár dní budeme s kamarádem spouštět naši novou stránku. Více informací vám dodám během následujících pár dní, slibuji. Mimochodem minulý pátek jsme fotili našeho hlavního atleta, tady je menší ochutnávka, máte se na co těšit. Funny photo of us. Vtipná fotk
FITNESS AND FAMILY Do you ever feel like all world is against you? That everything you do, is wrong, that no one gets it? As I started in the fitness industry I learned that, they are two types of people the ones that cheer you up, help you in this journey, to become the best version of yourself and than there are those who are against you at every step you take, they just don't get it, but for you it is very emotional draining.  For example my family do not help me in this journey, they don't get it.   They are mean and not nice at all, and it cause a serious emotion pain on me. Please say, that I am not the only one. It is sad because I know deep in my heart that one day I will be just where I need to be, and will be only due overcoming this pain now and never stop grinding.  Fitness is something that keeps me breathing, something that makes me really happy, and it is on my mind every second of the day.Lets take this on a new level. Big things are coming, a huge commun
EAT TO GROW The main reason people tend to give up is the lack of discipline and seeing progress. It's like climbing a hill sometimes it's gonna be the path of difficulties otherwise it wouldn't be worth it, and sometimes you are on top of the world. This principle is same in prep or overall life. This is my actual butt photo at the end of my bulk. I always used to be that girl without a butt, and felt down, so inspiring at least one single person, it's worth the effort. 10 and half weeks out, lets get it. My cardio is 3x per week 30min. of steady state, fasted with my l-carnitine and bcaa. I increased my leg and butt training split, about that I will talk next time.  ''The most important decision    about your goals is not what you are   willing to do to achieve them,   but what you are willing to give up.'' XOXO MISHEELE
IS CARDIO ESSENTIAL? Do you want to be shredded? Lose stomach fat? Or simply lean out? Than you are on right place. The best way to get rid of fat on some specific place is to do cardio training and lift weights. In this case cardio is very beneficial. Benefits of cardio - better mood - good for your heart - increase circulation of blood - burn fat - strength your immune system - lower risk of diabetes - lower risk of high blood pressure Cardio myths -        Fasted cardio is the best. That’s myth, because its only up on you when do you want to do your cardio, the best is what works most for you. -        If you do fasted cardio, you will lose all your muscle. That’s funny, but actually true, you can loose muscle. To prevent that I suggest to take bcaa for muscle synthesis and recovery. And l-carnitine for using stored fat as use of energy rather than muscles. -        Steady state cardio is the only way to burn fat. The last but not least.
EMERGE -  prep series Meaning of emerge in dictionary: 1. to come forth into view or notice, as from concealment or obscurity:     a ghost emerging from the grave; a ship emerging from the fog. 2. to rise or come forth from or as if from water or other liquid. 3. to come up or arise, as a question or difficulty. 4. to come into existence; develop. 5. to rise, as from an inferior or unfortunate state or condition. Meaning of emerge is growing as a person, overcoming any obstacle, develop yourself over period of time. Anything worth having takes time. I want us to develop, become better version of ourselves. These series will go up over next 13 weeks when I am prepping for my first bikini fitness show. I want to share with you the joy, the struggle, the power of will, and how to make your dreams come true. Imagine yourself as butterfly once you get the chance to live, you are emerging yourself every single day. And at the other side of your life you are a beautiful butterfl
My body transformation Have you ever dreamed about something so much, that you even stopped believing in it? I did. Hundred times, I said to myself that I am not good enough, that I will never be happy, confident, full of energy..and look where I am now? I am living my dream, I love it, it charges me with energy. This is my transformation in 3 years. In the first picture, 3 years ago, you can see myself, almost overweight, I had to much fat around my belly and arms and no butt.  In the second picture, 2 years ago you can see, I am almost underfeeded, I ate so poorly. My daily macros weren't even 1000kcal, I did only cardio, and I felt so fat at that time. In the last picture, few days ago, is me now, strong, healthy, happy, currently bulking, eating in surplus, doing 5x per week heavy weightlifting. Finally with a butt, and without belly, even with abs. And you know what? I would never go to my old myself, I love this so much that I couldn't do that.  Always go for what